A Few Links for 2017.06.28

Today, we have a few stories that can be found at America Thinker, a great site that should be on everyone’s must-read list.

First, we have an entertaining article on the rise of Megyn Kelly and her apparent propensity to use men to assist her in her rise to prominence in the world of TV journalism. This should come as no big surprise at this point. She has clearly been way over her head in the field and should not be considered a serious thinker by anyone at this point. Her use of her sexuality to gain her current position is the real explanation for her rise, not any extraordinary talent.

Like a Black Widow spider, infotainment sensation Megyn Kelly has advanced both her personal and career life sniffing out testosterone and then feeding off male prey.

Prior to her meteoric rise to fame, Megyn was married to an anesthesiologist named David Kendall.  Mr. Kendall said that on the day the couple married, the priest counseled Megyn on the importance of  ‘taking care of her husband.’ Megyn responded to the advice by asking, “What about him taking care of his wife?”

The ambitious celebrity enhanced her résumé, transforming from a rookie news anchor into a self-impressed show boater with the same self-regard.

Unlike the deadly arachnoid, Megyn doesn’t need to physically mate with her prey to get what she needs before the poison flows, but she openly exploits her female sexuality.

In another article author Theo Caldwell writes about how leftist political policies have invaded the corporate world through their HR departments and how these entities work against the best interests of the business and the more dedicated employees who work there.

Moreover, though your conditioned response is to consider H.R. a necessary evil – after all, someone needs to hire, fire, and ensure that the company avoids legal disputes arising from personnel issues – you sense, on some level, that life would be better if the entire bureau simply did not exist.

Developed in the 1980s to protect corporations from the sudden ubiquity of “sexual harassment” cases, Human Resources departments have persisted and metastasized such that the current generation of workers cannot imagine a world without them.  But, like so many cost-driving, self-perpetuating, control-seeking entities one finds in both the public and private sectors, scrutiny yields that not only are they not good at what they do, but what they do is not good.

Regarding hiring, it is not uncommon for HR personnel to have no training or experience as to the revenue-driving aspects of the organizations for which they work.  This is to be expected, since H.R. is, as noted, a cost-driving enterprise, the make-work nature of which provides, at best, a thin prophylactic against legal trouble.

But consider the bounded rationality of an H.R. person working for, say, a software or engineering company, tasked with laying out the qualifications and sifting through the résumés of applicants while lacking expertise in that field.  Certainly, he will receive guidance from the department head seeking a new employee, but the deficit of knowledge regarding the actual job dictates that the H.R. person does not know what to look for.

And finally in this piece by Daniel Sobieski we learn the many ways in which Obama criminal empire is collapsing. The Democrats thought that Hillary was going to be president, after all, and so they acted as though no one would follow them into office who might dig up all the dirt and actually do something about it.

Throw in Loretta Lynch and John Koskinen in the political targeting of the Tea Party and Eric Holder’s role in Operation Fast and Furious and withholding of records under executive privilege, and you have a rogues gallery of felons in the most corrupt administration. The very real possibility exists that James Comey, Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch Lois Lerner, John Koskinen, and even Hillary Clinton herself are guilty of federal crimes and belong in federal prison.

Of course, if Hillary Clinton had won, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. But Hillary lost and the Democrats made a foolish strategic error in pursuing charges of collusion and obstruction of justice based on sheer vengeance. There was no evidence of Trump collusion or obstruction  and now the tables are turned. The investigation of Loretta Lynch and other revelations could be the undoing of the Obama administration’s criminal enterprise, its trampling of our Constitution and our laws. Reopen the Hillary investigation and expand it to iuinclude the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One. Prosecute the lot of them – and lock them all up.

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Illinois Lottery Woes

DNA info reports that Mega Millions and Power Ball will no longer be available in Illinois due to the state’s continuing budget problems.

CHICAGO — Lottery players will soon be unable to buy Mega Millions or Powerball tickets in Illinois due to the state’s budget impasse, Illinois Lottery officials said Tuesday.

The multi-state lottery game organization warned earlier this month that it would pull out of Illinois if the state was unable to pass a budget by the end of the month.

The state’s lottery also said that any winners of prizes exceeding $25,000 “will experience a delay in payments for all games,” though didn’t elaborate on how long the delay may last.

On the other hand, in the City of Chicago, there really is a free lunch. Do you think these things might have some kind of relationship? Perhaps giving things away for free might create problems in a state’s budget?

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The election of Karen Handel apparently made the Elite Media Monoculture types at CNN very, very sad. Breitbart has the story.

As the election results showed Republican Karen Handel soundly beating her opponent Jon Ossoff in the special election in Georgia, CNN analysts appeared disappointed by the results before anchor Anderson Cooper cut to a break.

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Jordan Peterson on the Unconscious Mind of the SJW

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R/K Selection Theory Video

R/K selection theory seeks to explain not just the survival strategies of various species of living organisms, but can also be applied to an understanding of politics. Why do some people adopt the views of the left while others the ideas of the right? This video gives us a quick overview of the theory as it applies to people and their political orientation.

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DOJ; Beware “Anonymous Sources”

RT (a Russian News Service) reports on a DOJ announcement to the effect that it is time for regular Americans to stop trusting Legacy Fake News Media when they use anonymous sources for their stories. And indeed we have so many examples of false and fabricated stories from The Elite Media Monoculture that there can be no good reason to take them at their word or trust them to report accurately and without malicious intent.

The Department of Justice has warned the American public not to take at face value anything attributed to anonymous government officials, just before another such report got Washington speculating about an investigation of President Donald Trump’s son-in-law.

“Americans should exercise caution before accepting as true any stories attributed to anonymous ‘officials,’ particularly when they do not identify the country – let alone the branch or agency of government – with which the alleged sources supposedly are affiliated,” Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said in a statement Thursday evening. “Americans should be skeptical about anonymous allegations. The Department of Justice has a long-established policy to neither confirm nor deny such allegations.”

And bias isn’t just shown when the Legacy Media outright lies about the right, which they do often. When news is inconvenient for the left, somehow it just disappears. Yesterday’s mass assassination attempt by the left is apparently not important enough to catch the attention of Google News.

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Karen Straughan on Men and Women

I was recently having a conversation on the r/K Selection forum on Facebook regarding the changes in society that have made the prospects for men much more difficult that was once the case. In doing a bit of research on this topic I found the following video that covers the topic quite nicely. This is an older video, but it is still as relevant as ever and the author, Karen Straughan, does a very good job covering the underlying dynamics that have changed the market forces strongly in favor of women and against men to such a degree that many men are simply dropping out. Women who complain about the dearth of “good men” would be well advised to watch this video.

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Newt on the Baseball Shooting

Newt Gingrich comments on Fox News regarding the ever-increasing violence of the left.


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The Shooter’s Identity

ABC reports that the shooter is James T. Hodgkinson of Illinois.


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Bernie Supporter Shoots up GOP Baseball Game

More thuggish violence from the left. Breitbart has the story of the assassination attempt by another out-of-control Bernie Sanders Democrat/Socialist/Communist America hater who can’t handle being rejected by the country. His “solution” is to find some Republicans and shoot the place up. If you are a person of the right, you need to understand that the left wants to kill you. Make sure you are aware of your surroundings, keep your eyes open and carry a weapon if you can. These people are your enemy and they mean you harm if they think they can get away with it.

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) has been shot, according to multiple reports. Follow Breitbart News for live updates on the developing situation.


• A man shot at several dozen Republican members of Congress during a baseball practice Wednesday morning in Alexandria, Virginia
• Rep. Steve Scalise (R-AL) was shot in the hip but is now stable and undergoing surgery for his wound
• Because Scalise is House Majority Whip, Capitol Hill Police officers were already present and engaged the gunman for several minutes
• The suspect is now in custody — not dead, as early reports claimed
• At least four individuals total were shot by the assailant: Scalise, two police officers, and a congressional staffer
• Wounded staffer works for Rep. Roger Williams (R-TX). An early report incorrectly said that Williams himself was shot
• Rep. Mark Walker (R-NC) told a reporter the shooter “was there to kill as many Republican members as possible.”

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Swedish Feminists Banging Refugees

The big scandal in Sweden right now is that Feminist SJWs who work in various social service jobs seem to be doing so in order to have access to swarthy young men from 3rd world countries with lots of testosterone. Narrative Collapse has the story.

Swedish social service workers tend to be older women that are outspoken advocates of socialism, feminism, multiculturalism, ect. It is now being alleged that many of these women actually get involved in social services in order to have sex with young immigrant men. Some Swedish media outlets are even accusing these women of “exploiting teenagers” for sex.

These women are being called”Batikhäxor,” which is sometimes translated into English as “Dye Witch.” It is a derogatory Swedish slang term for an unattractive woman who is an outspoken advocate of feminism and political correctness. Similar to what is called a “Social Justice Warrior” in the USA, but specifically for older women.

The ongoing double-murder trial of Johanna Moller has brought the scandal to the forefront. Moller is accused of having an Afghan refugee murder her husband and father. During the trial, it has been alleged that she routinely plied underage refugees with drugs and alcohol and had sex with them. She even took naked pictures with them, which were leaked to the press.

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The White House Press Corps Unmasked

Vice News is a left-wing outlet that created this video designed to criticize Sean Spicer, but if you ask me the real effect is to illustrate the contempt that The Elite Media Monoculture has for anyone who isn’t them.

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Evolutionary Sex Differences and the Left’s Fake Science

Common wisdom and conventional thinking is quick to assume that Democrats, and the left in general, own the monopoly on science and scientific thinking. But if we take a closer look we find that assumption to be incorrect. Indeed what we discover when looking at the left’s agenda is that they argue in favor of supposedly scientific theories that have little or no actual basis in fact, or at the very least are the subject of ongoing, and therefore, unsettled scientific debate.

This article on Breitbart takes a closer look at the leftist assumption of absolute equality between the sexes and new research coming out of Stanford University that shows many ingrained cognitive sex differences that are likely the product of many thousands of years of Darwinian evolution. These findings directly contradict the “blank slate” assumptions that underlie so many components of the leftist agenda including in this particular case, Feminism.

Leftists must argue that humans are infinitely malleable in order to propose their various schemes to socially engineer society. Schemes that can only be put into action if it is possible to change human action and the human nature from which it derives. But if many, or most, human characteristics are genetically hard-wired in humans, then it logically follows that our ability to change society is necessarily limited. And that would include the distinct characteristics of men and women and the relationship between the two.

Progressives have been somewhat successful in convincing the public that the Democratic Party is the party of science. But research into sex-based cognitive differences seriously brings this into question by confirming that the human mind does, in fact, have static and innate properties that influence behavior.

Consider Harvard professor Steven Pinker’s 2002 book, The Blank Slate. Pinker, who is politically moderate, argues that the denial of innate human instincts runs deep and pervasive in modern society, despite significant scientific [evidence] that the mind has static properties that shape our behaviors. The mind isn’t a blank slate waiting to be shaped by society, Pinker argues.

The denial of human nature has spread beyond the academy and has led to a disconnect between intellectual life and common sense. I first had the idea of writing this book when I started a collection of astonishing claims from pundits and social critics about the malleability of the human psyche: that little boys quarrel and fight because they are encouraged to do so; that children enjoy sweets because their parents use them as a reward for eating vegetables; that teenagers get the idea to compete in looks and fashion from spelling bees and academic prizes; that men think the goal of sex is an orgasm because of the way they were socialized. The problem is not just that these claims are preposterous but that the writers did not acknowledge they were saying things that common sense might call into question. This is the mentality of a cult, in which fantastical beliefs are flaunted as proof of one’s piety.

Rollo Tomassi has an excellent post on Evolutionary Psychology which you can find here which takes on many of the objections that are common when debating this subject. And of course I highly recommend AC’s book on The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics. We are not blank slates; not by a long shot. And the leftist agenda cannot be made to succeed because humans simply do not work the way the left wants them to.

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