Facebook Suppressed Conservative News

This story will not come as a shock to those of you on the right who are media-savvy but to the low information crowd it may be a bit of a surprise, assuming that they are paying attention. Gizmodo reports that they have spoken to a number of former Facebook employees who say that the tech giant routinely suppressed news that did not serve the liberal-leftist agenda of its owner and his Democrat pals. Stories that would have shown up as trending would be killed and phony trending items would be put in their place. It’s a classic case of media bias.

The average Facebook user would not know that they were fed a controlled diet of liberal-leftist approved stories and prevented from seeing those reports that did not serve the liberal agenda. Of course Facebook is a privately owned company and they can do what they want, just like any other member of the legacy media might do. But they are going to have some difficulty maintaining the fiction that they are free from bias and not politicizing their platform given the testimony from these former workers.

Several former Facebook “news curators,” as they were known internally, also told Gizmodo that they were instructed to artificially “inject” selected stories into the trending news module, even if they weren’t popular enough to warrant inclusion—or in some cases weren’t trending at all. The former curators, all of whom worked as contractors, also said they were directed not to include news about Facebook itself in the trending module.

In other words, Facebook’s news section operates like a traditional newsroom, reflecting the biases of its workers and the institutional imperatives of the corporation. Imposing human editorial values onto the lists of topics an algorithm spits out is by no means a bad thing—but it is in stark contrast to the company’s claims that the trending module simply lists “topics that have recently become popular on Facebook.”

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U.S. intelligence Warns of Venezuela Collapse

It remains a mystery why so many people continue to believe in the fairy-tale fantasy of socialism, given its inevitable failure everywhere it is put into place, but as we can see from the current situation in Venezuela it is not from a lack of trying. This story from The L.A. Times informs us that US intelligence agencies are warning of the immanent collapse of Venezuela under the burden of the glorious worker’s paradise. It seems they have run out of other people’s money and the situation is dire.

Venezuela has been under the control of the left since 1999 when Hugo Chavez came to power. After his passing the office of the presidency went to his hand-picked successor, Nicolas Maduro whose qualifications for the office are that he is also a Marxist and he drove a bus. And apparently he is doing a bang up job with unemployment, violence and inflation running wild. Add to that the shortages of pretty much everything and you have one snappy utopian dream.

So just remember, socialism is so simple that anyone can do it. Even a 74-year-old from Vermont.

Recent polls have shown Maduro’s approval ratings have dropped as low as 15%, with a majority of Venezuelans blaming him for the country’s crisis and wanting to see his term truncated.

But the opposition has shown itself to be fragmented and unable to agree on a single strategy to oust the Maduro administration.

In addition to the recall movement, street protests spurred by both political and economic anger have besieged the Maduro government, which sent state security forces into neighborhoods this week to put down demonstrations.

Venezuela’s heavily armed population staggers under the world’s highest inflation rate. Maduro may also be worried about potential threats within his own inner circle and in the military, as the country deteriorates.

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What I Saw at the Coup

I came across this bit of short fiction by happy accident and had to share it. This short story is written by Matt Bracken, about whom I know nothing. But I found it both entertaining and compelling and read through it all in one sitting. In this story the author, a lefty who is a presidential advisor, tells of her involvement in a covert plan to undermine the constitution and to get rid of all those pesky conservatives in order to usher in the glorious socialist utopia that all leftists dream of. Sadly for her things don’t quite work out as planned. But I don’t want to give away any details, so I shall say no more. I will only say that you may find, as I did, that some of this story sounds remarkably familiar and not so far-fetched as one might have thought just a few years ago.

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Modern Educayshun

Hat tip to Rollo at Rational Male for this great video. It nicely sums up the insane world of political correctness as it is being practiced in our colleges and universities today. If you are a parent shelling out thousands of dollars for you kid’s education, this is most likely what you are paying for.

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Roy Beck, Immigration in Context

Roy Beck provides us with a visual demonstration that shows the immigration issue in context with the population of the third world. The left claims that we are helping the rest of the world when we take in a flood of refugees, but when you look at the total numbers involved, you see how false that argument is. What we take in, and can take in, is a drop in the bucket.

If you want to help  the people in the third world, you have to do so by improving the societies in which they already live. We simply don’t have the resources to help the billions of poor people around the world and we would only end up destroying our own culture in the process.

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Obama to the World; Drop Dead

You may have noticed that the little boy gave a press conference recently in Turkey that most people found strange, bizarre, troubling, disconnected and otherworldly. And he has been following up with a continuous stream of snark, insults and humorless condescension. If you were even moderately observant you would have to conclude that the president is suffering from some sort of mental illness that will not allow him to recognize reality. And indeed, many people have concluded that Obama is in fact mentally ill.

No normal person who witnessed the events in Paris over the weekend could be so cold and unfeeling towards the victims of such a cruel attack. No normal person would immediately look for ways to blame others for his own failures in the Middle East. No normal person would look to turn this event to his own political advantage. But our boy president had a little tantrum in which he insisted that nothing much was going to change and that Republicans are to blame for all the problems in the world that Obama is refusing to deal with. (And that the press is finally questioning him about)

The situation is astounding. Never before in my lifetime can I recall a president who was so critical, so histrionic and so hostile to his own country. But that’s what we have. And there is no reason at this point to think that Obama or the people in his administration are going to give in and face reality. No my friends, they are going to run out the clock on their grand vision to “fundamentally transform America” into their stinking socialist third-world-hell-hole. The only question for us is what do we do for the next year until we can kick the bastards out and get some adults elected who will put the brakes on and change the direction of the country. And I have to admit, that’s a big freaking question.

There is some good news though. First off it looks like people are finally starting to get it. Not just conservatives. No, I think most of us who indentify as conservatives have known very early on just who and what Obama is. But this attack in Paris and the sudden unleashing of ISIS has had the effect of waking up a large number of regular people, both in Europe and also here in the US. That is good news because you cannot change the direction you are going in if you aren’t paying attention. Obama’s strange and bizarre behavior is being noticed by people who up till now thought that he was a normal, if liberal, president.

In the recent elections we saw that Democrats lost in almost every race they were in. And that was before the attacks in Paris and elsewhere. Now we see Obama’s cold indifference to the death and destruction and even liberals are noticing that there is a problem. On Rush’s show he mentioned that even a liberal publication such as Mother Jones is effectively saying to Democrats, “don’t screw it up by revealing your true self; just lie a bit and fool the rubes and we’ll be OK.”

At the same time we have candidates like Trump, Cruz and others willing to be more blunt and straightforward than we have seen in some time. And the media seems to suddenly be more interested in asking real questions of our president than in the past. Reporters asking Obama about the situation at the press conference did not back down like they have in the past. Instead they acted like real journalists. And Obama did not like it one little bit. He was annoyed, petulant and irritated. That’s a dead giveaway he did not expect the situation that we are in. Nor does he have any plan on how to deal with it. But you already knew that.

The coming year will be difficult. Obama is working hard to bring in thousands of refugee-terrorists and he is probably going to succeed at least partially. Combine that with his refusal to take American security seriously and we will almost certainly have terrorist attacks here in the US like those in Paris. Many experts expect it and Obama will do nothing as long as he is in office. So be prepared for a rough year.

A weak economy will be bad for everyone’s situation. If you have a job you will be lucky to keep it. If you are looking for work, things will be even tougher than they are already. No one will want to take risks. If you have money saved then you will be better off. Spend wisely and prudently; don’t go overboard if you can help it. Watch you pennies and clip coupons. The economy could take a hit if we are attacked. Do what you can to protect yourself. Learn to defend yourself if you can. Take your own security seriously. And keep you powder dry. But don’t despair. We are going to win in the long run. People are waking up, and that’s exactly what’s needed.

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Tammy Bruce Paris Attack Podcast

frenchnews-e1447556328123Tammy Bruce has put together a special public podcast of her show dedicated to the terrorist attack in Paris. Normally you have to be a subscriber to her show to get access to the podcasts, but in this case you can listen to the Tammy Bruce Show for free.

Tammy Bruce Public Podcast

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Amherst Stalinists Want Re-Education for Free Speech Thought Crimes

The Daily Beast reports that the whiney, spoiled brats at Amherst are stamping their little feet and demanding safe spaces from opinions that give them the vapors. What is going to happen to these people when they get hit in the face by the school of hard knocks?

Students protesting at Amherst College have issued a list of demands to administrators that includes making them apologize for signs that lament the death of free speech.

A group calling themselves the Amherst Uprising listed 11 demands they want enacted by next Wednesday. Among them is a demand that President Biddy Martin issue a statement saying that Amherst does “not tolerate the actions of student(s) who posted the ‘All Lives Matter’ posters, and the ‘Free Speech’ posters.”

The latter posters called the principle of free speech the “true victim” of the protests at the University of Missouri.

Going further, the students demand the people behind “free speech” fliers be required to go through a disciplinary process as well as “extensive training for racial and cultural competency.”

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Madness at the University


You may have seen the videos from the University of Missouri that show the fascists in the faculty and student body rioting against the freedom of speech and 1st Amendment rights of some of their fellow students. The protesters in question have been making various claims about alleged racism and other boogey-men in an effort to push the ever-expanding leftist agenda. Return of Kings put up a good summary article that gives a rundown of the alleged events. It should be noted that at this point it looks more and more like the whole thing is a massive hoax, like much of what the left gives us on a daily basis.

The students who were under attack are, ironically, those who are studying to become journalists. These young journalism students apparently have a better understanding of free speech than the goons who are trying to silence them. In the video a young man of Asian decent is harassed and threatened because he wants to report on the event that is underway; a demonstration by the aforementioned leftists. The mob tries to shout him down and bully him into silence, but he calmly stands his ground and does his job. The clowns on the faculty do not come off well in this video.

A number of conservative commentators have chimed in on this out of control situation by pointing out that this kind of thing is going on all across the nation. Universities and campuses around the country have, over the course of many years, been infiltrated and overrun by the leftist rejects of normal society. Roger Kimball, for example, has written several books that deal with this growing problem. Check out his books on Amazon, Tenured Radicals and The Long March for more information on how we got to this point. But the short version is that the left has targeted the universities for radicalization and to a large extent they have succeeded. These individuals are damaged and deranged and many, if not most, could not find employment in a private sector job. Their flight to the university is in large part a flight from the real world, in which their childish demands would result in unemployment.

If we are going to turn this country around and save Western Civilization then the universities will have to be taken back from the radical, insane leftists who now occupy them. They are destroying our culture from within and they will not stop voluntarily. They will have to be ejected back into the real world where they will have to get real jobs and prove their value to society through their actions like the rest of us.

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Are You an Apple Nerd?

If you think you are an Apple nerd, here is a fun quiz that you can take to test your knowledge of past Apple technology.

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Claire McCaskill Wants Men to Shut Up

In this video Senator Claire McCaskill says that she want men to just shut the hell up. Of course, she also says that the video is a joke.

OK, I will assume for the sake of argument that it is and point out that all humor is based on some kernel of truth. And the truth is that while the Senator is attempting, rather poorly, to be amusing, the underlying reality is that the Senator does in fact really want men to shut up. After all, a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.

Like nearly all women at the top level of leadership in the Democrat party, the Senator pays homage to the leftist feminist agenda. Otherwise she would not be allowed to rise to that level.

Feminism is part of the leftist agenda, and it informs what liberal Democrats do, including their views on men and the policies that they want to put in place that affect the traditional relationships between men and women. Over and over again we see the manifestations of this. The fake rape charges from the Rolling Stone and similarly with the Duke Lacrosse team for example. The attempts to lower the standards in all sorts of areas, particularly the military, police and firefighters is another. And note the left’s attacks on more traditional women such as Sarah Palin who don’t tow the leftist line. It’s not an accident that the left hates the women that don’t agree with their radical social justice agenda.

No, the Senator really does not want to hear those views from men (or anyone else) that contradict the left’s narrative and the Social Justice agenda. If you are not part of her group, and men are not, then you are ultimately disposable. And why would anyone want to hear what you have to say if you are?

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Snog Marry Avoid

In the UK there is an amusing reality television show in which young women who apparently have almost no taste or judgment regarding their own appearance get a “make-under” to return them to something more or less normal that won’t frighten away small children and animals. On one level it is, of course, amusing entertainment. But you have to wonder about the mental processes of someone who can’t figure out that looking like this woman does at the start of the clip sends all the wrong signals to the opposite sex. (and anyone else in the vicinity) I mean really, would you hire this person before the change in her outfit? And in our increasingly degraded culture we see more and more of this kind of nonsense. Sure, it could be cute once or twice as a spoof; but as a steady diet it leaves much to be desired. So ladies, please take my advice and the advice of POD, less is definitely more and lose the pink hair.

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Clinton’s Mandatory Gun Buy Back

Fox news reports that at a recent campaign stop Hillary Clinton commented that she would be in favor of a mandatory gun confiscation similar to the one that was put into place in Australia. I have had this conversation with liberals who don’t believe that gun control laws aren’t about guns but about control. Every statist, dictatorial regime has collected the guns from their citizens first before rounding up the trouble makers. The critics who recently had a cow over the remarks of Ben Carson on this very subject should now be required to explain just how it is that the presumed front-runner in the Democrat primary wants to violate the second amendment rights of America’s citizens by taking away their firearms in direct contradiction to what the constitution says.

Hillary Clinton said Friday that mandatory gun buy-back programs like ones in Australia are “worth looking into,” sparking criticism that the Democratic presidential front-runner would, if elected, impose gun-confiscation efforts.

Clinton made the comments during a campaign stop in Keene, N.H., when an attendee asked about Australia’s 1996 and 2003 buy-back programs that collected roughly 700,000 banned semi-automatic rifles and other firearms.

“I think it would be worth considering doing it on the national level, if that could be arranged,” Clinton responded.

“This validates what the NRA has said all along,” said Chris Cox, executive director of the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action. “The real goal of gun control supporters is gun confiscation.”

Cox said Clinton’s comments echo recent ones by President Obama, making “very clear” that the underlying goal of gun-control advocates is confiscation.

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