Debate Body Language

Here is an interesting video. The creator argues that Hillary was using pre-arranged signals to Lester Holt in order to inject various lines at advantageous times during the debate. I will leave it to the viewer to decide for themselves whether this video makes the case or not.

RiggedDebate from JacksonRev on Vimeo.

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Donald Trump and the American Crisis

historicism |hiˈstôrəˌsizəm; -ˈstär-|noun
The theory that social and cultural phenomena are determined by history.

positivism |ˈpäzətivˌizəm; ˈpäztiv-|noun Philosophy
A philosophical system that holds that every rationally justifiable assertion can be scientifically verified or is capable of logical or mathematical proof, and that therefore rejects metaphysics and theism.

Here is one more great article from Claremont by author John Marini in which he discusses the great crisis of our age and how the candidacy of Donald Trump is an effect of the breakdown in our understanding of public virtue and ethics in the face of leftist post-modern relativism and the ever-growing technocratic bureaucratic state. We are no longer a constitutional republic as our founders intended, as many have already pointed out.

But that transition to an administrative state has taken place deliberately at the hands of an amoral and technocratic class of elites who do not acknowledge or understand the need of citizenship and civic virtue as a foundation for the continued existence of civilization. For them, the only problems to be solved are scientific and mathematical. Morals, ethics, and patriotism are passé and of no value in their soulless modern world and thus they work frantically to stamp them out wherever they are found.

The rise of Trump is the voice of the regular people saying to the elites that we are tired of their constant micro-managing of society and that we recognize that the traditions and history of our great civilization have timeless value and importance and must be preserved.

The public good, once thought to be a legacy of the best that had been inherited from the past—including the American founding, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution—is not easily defended politically because it has been undermined intellectually. The most controversial aspect of Trump’s campaign, his slogan to “Make America Great Again,” goes to the heart of the problem. Trump’s view presupposes that the old America was good and established the conditions for its greatness. Is this true? Or is America something to be ashamed of, as the protestors against Trump have insisted, having accepted the teaching of post-modern cultural intellectuals? Trump’s defense of the old America goes unrecognized by conservatives, either because they have succumbed to the post-modern narrative or because Trump is unable to make the intellectual case for the old America. Thus the intellectuals stand almost to a man against him.

It is possible that the Trump phenomenon cannot be understood merely by trying to make sense of Trump himself. Rather it is the seriousness of the need for Trump that must be understood in order to make sense of his candidacy. Those most likely to be receptive of Trump are those who believe America is in the midst of a great crisis in terms of its economy, its chaotic civil society, its political corruption, and the inability to defend any kind of tradition—or way of life derived from that tradition—because of the transformation of its culture by the intellectual elites. This sweeping cultural transformation occurred almost completely outside the political process of mobilizing public opinion and political majorities. The American people themselves did not participate or consent to the wholesale undermining of their way of life, which government and the bureaucracy helped to facilitate by undermining those institutions of civil society that were dependent upon a public defense of the old morality. This great crisis has created the need for a Trump, or someone like Trump, and only those who recognize it as a crisis can be receptive to his candidacy. To be clear, the seriousness of the need does not mean that the need can be satisfied, perhaps even by a Lincoln, let alone a Trump. Nonetheless, Trump has established his candidacy on the basis of an implicit understanding that America is the midst of a crisis. Those who oppose him deny the seriousness of the crisis and see Trump himself as the greatest danger. And here again, Trump’s success will likely depend upon his ability to articulate the ground of a common good that is still rooted in the past—a common good established by a government that protects the rights of its citizens in a constitutional manner and establishes limits on the authority of government by demanding that the rule of law replace that of bureaucratic privilege and status.

And just for good measure, here is the latest post, Sanctimony as a Conservative Principle. (in which is answered various twittering from the self-appointed chattering classes)

Gerson points and sputters at my objection to foolish immigration policies that undercut wages, undermine cohesion, and spread violence. I would call it ironic that I wrote this response on a day during which there occurred three separate terror attacks, in three separate states. Except that in the annus horribilis 2016 such attacks are all too frequent. They don’t seem to bother Gerson much. If they do, he must think they are a necessary price we must pay for endlessly more “diversity.” He doesn’t say why all this diversity is good or why the inevitable downside is necessary. Apparently he considers those points self-evident. If you are a moral person like him, you don’t need to have them explained to you, and if you don’t understand or—worse!—reject them, you are ipso facto bad.

If this is “conservative” then it should be well beyond obvious that conservatism is dead. Not dead in the epistemological sense. Truth is true. Conservatism’s genuine insights will live on, no matter what shallow, false ideology appropriates its name. You can call gravity a force of repulsion rather than attraction, but naturam expelles furca, tamen usque recurret. But it’s dead as a currently constituted intellectual and political force—for certain. That Gerson claims to speak in conservatism’s name is proof enough. His whole oeuvre is nothing but Davoisie managerial liberalism: open borders, free trade, lift foreigners out of poverty (whatever happens to Americans is acceptable collateral damage) and democratize the world by force.

Conservatism as we have known it is over. The battle for its future has begun. I relish the coming debate. I hope to learn something. I expect to have my errors corrected, or at least be given things to think hard about, and to be dragged a little bit in the other side’s direction. This debate will not be free of acrimony (though I’ll do my best to be as polite as possible). Feelings are going to get hurt and passions will occasionally run high. For myself, I’ll try to be magnanimous in victory and honest in defeat.

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The Flight 93 Election Supplemental

Author Publius Decius Mus at brings us some additional thoughts on the subject of the coming election and the article previously posted. This is a long article, like the original, but well worth your time to read in full.

This is a very large topic, and for those interested, there is an equally large body of scholarship that explains it all in detail. For now, let’s just ask ourselves two questions. First, how do the mechanics of government, as written in the Constitution, differ from current practice? Second, how well are the rights Amendments observed? As to the first, we do still have those three branches of government mentioned. But we also have a fourth, hidden in plain sight within the executive, namely the bureaucracy or administrative state. It both usurps legislative power and uses executive power in an unaccountable way. Congress does not use its own powers but meekly defers to the executive and to the bureaucracy. The executive does whatever it wants. The judiciary also usurps legislative and, when it’s really feeling its oats, executive power through the use of consent decrees and the like. And that’s just the feds—before we even get to the relationship between the feds and the states. As to the second, can you think of a single amendment among the Bill of Rights that is not routinely violated—with the acquiescence and approval of the Left? I can’t.

All this happened because, for more than a century, the Left has been working at best to “change” and “update” the Constitution, and at worst to ignore it or get around it. This agenda is not hidden but announced and boasted of. Yet when someone on the Right points out that the Constitution—by design—no longer works as designed, that the U.S. government does not in practice function as a Constitutional republic, we are lambasted as “authoritarian.”

That’s a malicious lie. The truth is that the Left pushed and dragged us here. You wanted this. We didn’t. You didn’t like the original Constitution. We did and do. You didn’t want it to operate as designed because when it does it too often prevents you from doing what you want to do. So you actively worked to give the courts and the bureaucracy the last word, some of you for high-minded reasons of sincere conviction, but most of you simply because you know they’re on your side. You said it would be better this way. When we opposed you, you called us “racists.” Now that you’ve got what you wanted, and we acknowledge your success, you call us “authoritarian” and “anti-Constitutionalist.” This is gaslighting on the level of “If you like your health care, you can keep your health care.” Exasperating and infuriating, yet impressive in its shamelessness. But that’s the Left for you: l’audace, l’audace—toujours l’audace.

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More on Obama’s Internet Giveaway

Breitbart has a couple of articles on Obama’s impending giveaway of the control of the internet. The US has traditionally been the entity that has preserved the freedom of ideas and commerce on the internet since the early days of its invention. And it would not exist at all were it not for American inventiveness and scientific innovation. The net, after all, started out as a government defense project to protect communication in the event of a nuclear war. The bottom line is that Obama wants to hand the control of the net over to countries that do not want either freedom of speech or freedom of commerce.

Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy discusses the national security implications of giving up control of the internet in this article.

And here is a general article, also from Breitbart that reviews the poor human rights records of those nation that Obama is so anxious to please by giving away American property.

And to update, Politico reports that there is now an attempt by several state AGs and Ted Cruz to stop this horror with a court action. We will see what happens, but it is indeed troubling that we have been reduced to this in order to stop such actions on the part of Obama. We expect his to do this sort of thing because he is a malevolent jackass, but the RINO traitors in congress deserve equal disdain from us for being the cuckservative cowards that they are.

In their lawsuit, the attorneys general for Arizona, Oklahoma, Nevada and Texas contend that the transition, lacking congressional approval, amounts to an illegal giveaway of U.S. government property. They also express fear that the proposed new steward of the system, a nonprofit known as ICANN, would be so unchecked that it could “effectively enable or prohibit speech on the Internet.”

The four states also contend that ICANN could revoke the U.S. government’s exclusive use of .gov and .mil, the domains used by states, federal agencies and the U.S. military for their websites. And the four attorneys general argue that ICANN’s “current practices often foster a lack of transparency that, in turn, allows illegal activity to occur.”

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The Flight 93 Election

Author Publius Decius Mus at brings us this remarkable and powerful think-piece that argues this election is the last opportunity for those of us who value the American project, and everything it stands for. If we don’t take our country back this time around there is no going back. A Hillary win in November will mean a flood of 3rd world natives such as we have never seen that will permanently tip the scales in favor of socialism and erase the traditional democratic/capitalist/constitutional foundations on which the nation was built.

There can be little doubt about the truth of this. Just ask yourself how long America would remain American if it was populated with only Mexicans, Syrians and Somalis? The answer seems self-evident. The American nation requires the presence of the American people. And our globalist elites have, in their wisdom, decided to replace us just as fast as they can. So this is a race to see who goes first, them or us.

For if we win in November with Trump, we have a chance to stop and reverse the flood and in so doing lay the groundwork to restore at least some of what we have lost and to rebuild our great nation. But if Hillary wins then it’s game over. The globalist elites will not allow such a chance to come again in their lifetime. And that means a long and painful decline to the level of any other 3rd world nation with all of the economic and social chaos that goes with it.

Those who founded, build and continue to maintain the country will be overwhelmed and swept aside by a tidal wave of foreign nationals who know nothing of democracy and constitutional government and who will happily destroy it in favor of an ever growing socialist/communist totalitarian state that will in time collapse as we see in present day Venezuela. For no socialist state has ever lasted, nor is it possible given the laws of economics. To save America it is necessary therefore to stop the flood of foreign nationals who are to replace us and take back the ownership of our country from the elites who would steal it from us. I pray we are not too late.

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Donald Trump Speaks to African American Church in Detroit, Michigan

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Donald Trump Speech to The American Legion

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Donald Trump Immigration Policy Speech

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Donald Trump Ohio Foreign Policy Speech

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Obama’s Illegal Internet Giveaway

In the last few months of the disaster that is the Obama administration, the boy president is looking for any way to further harm the country and to stab American citizens in the back. In keeping with his traitorous actions against us he is now planning to give away control over the internet in violation of the law and against the express wishes of the congress, which has legal authority over any such action. World Net Daily has the story.

President Obama has been working for several years to give away control of the Internet to a “multinational” body over the objections of many lawmakers and activists.

Among the opponents are conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly, who wrote that the move “could be the most dangerous use yet of Obama’s now-famous pen.”

Giving communist China and Russia a position in policing the Internet through the U.S.-created Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is “like telling the fox to guard the chicken coop because those countries don’t believe in free speech and don’t even allow their own people to have free access to the Internet,” she warned.

Congress has acted twice to prevent the move, adopting “appropriations riders prohibiting any use of taxpayer funds ‘to relinquish the responsibility of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration … with respect to Internet domain name system functions, including responsibility with respect to the authoritative root zone file and the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority functions.’”

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Touching The Raw Amygdale; Liberal Personality Disorder

Blogger “Anonymous Conservative” wrote this series of essays a while back to explain the overall motivations of leftists who seem bound and determined to destroy the societies in which they live. The short version is that they suffer, as a group, from narcissistic personality disorder that causes them to act as they do to protect their fragile ego structure from the harsh facts of reality. It is a sad fact that they will do anything to avoid facing the reality about who and what they are, including the destruction of Western Civilization.

I highly recommend this series of posts to better understand the motivations of the left and why you cannot reason with them. AC instead shows that you can fight against the left by using emotional manipulation tactics and he gives examples that show how this works.

It is vitally important for those of us who want to protect and preserve Western Civilization and our way of life to understand that we are fighting people who are deeply mentally ill and damaged in ways that normal people can barely conceive. Standard methods of debate and argument will not work with them because of their precarious mental state and the damage that they conceal from themselves and others. But we can beat them by using the alternate methods that Anonymous Conservative shows us in this series of posts. By understanding how these destructive and damaged people operate it is possible to undermine them and limit the damage that they would otherwise do.

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The Demographic Transition to Eurabia

Over at the blog Gates of Vienna there is a great post by author Karoly Lorant, which has been translated from the original Hungarian. The article and a companion pdf document go into considerable detail showing that Europe is on the way to being dominated by the Arab/Muslim hordes. As we have recently been seeing on the news, a large part of this is massive immigration, both legal and illegal, that is being facilitated by the ruling elite class for the purpose of undermining traditional Western Civilization. The elite classes suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder as explained above in the post from blogger Anonymous Conservative and I recommend you read that series of posts to better understand the awful and destructive motivations of the left.

For this post, it is sufficient to look at the overall demographic trends to see that the indigenous populations of Europe are not reproducing in great enough numbers to insure their replacement over time and that they are being out-bred by the savages of the Middle East. Unless this mathematical fact changes the fate of Europe will sealed and a major part of the West will be lost.

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Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy Speech

CNN brings us the full video of yesterday’s speech on foreign policy by Donald Trump.

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