Obama’s Illegal Internet Giveaway

In the last few months of the disaster that is the Obama administration, the boy president is looking for any way to further harm the country and to stab American citizens in the back. In keeping with his traitorous actions against us he is now planning to give away control over the internet in violation of the law and against the express wishes of the congress, which has legal authority over any such action. World Net Daily has the story.

President Obama has been working for several years to give away control of the Internet to a “multinational” body over the objections of many lawmakers and activists.

Among the opponents are conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly, who wrote that the move “could be the most dangerous use yet of Obama’s now-famous pen.”

Giving communist China and Russia a position in policing the Internet through the U.S.-created Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is “like telling the fox to guard the chicken coop because those countries don’t believe in free speech and don’t even allow their own people to have free access to the Internet,” she warned.

Congress has acted twice to prevent the move, adopting “appropriations riders prohibiting any use of taxpayer funds ‘to relinquish the responsibility of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration … with respect to Internet domain name system functions, including responsibility with respect to the authoritative root zone file and the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority functions.’”

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Touching The Raw Amygdale; Liberal Personality Disorder

Blogger “Anonymous Conservative” wrote this series of essays a while back to explain the overall motivations of leftists who seem bound and determined to destroy the societies in which they live. The short version is that they suffer, as a group, from narcissistic personality disorder that causes them to act as they do to protect their fragile ego structure from the harsh facts of reality. It is a sad fact that they will do anything to avoid facing the reality about who and what they are, including the destruction of Western Civilization.

I highly recommend this series of posts to better understand the motivations of the left and why you cannot reason with them. AC instead shows that you can fight against the left by using emotional manipulation tactics and he gives examples that show how this works.

It is vitally important for those of us who want to protect and preserve Western Civilization and our way of life to understand that we are fighting people who are deeply mentally ill and damaged in ways that normal people can barely conceive. Standard methods of debate and argument will not work with them because of their precarious mental state and the damage that they conceal from themselves and others. But we can beat them by using the alternate methods that Anonymous Conservative shows us in this series of posts. By understanding how these destructive and damaged people operate it is possible to undermine them and limit the damage that they would otherwise do.

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The Demographic Transition to Eurabia

Over at the blog Gates of Vienna there is a great post by author Karoly Lorant, which has been translated from the original Hungarian. The article and a companion pdf document go into considerable detail showing that Europe is on the way to being dominated by the Arab/Muslim hordes. As we have recently been seeing on the news, a large part of this is massive immigration, both legal and illegal, that is being facilitated by the ruling elite class for the purpose of undermining traditional Western Civilization. The elite classes suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder as explained above in the post from blogger Anonymous Conservative and I recommend you read that series of posts to better understand the awful and destructive motivations of the left.

For this post, it is sufficient to look at the overall demographic trends to see that the indigenous populations of Europe are not reproducing in great enough numbers to insure their replacement over time and that they are being out-bred by the savages of the Middle East. Unless this mathematical fact changes the fate of Europe will sealed and a major part of the West will be lost.

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Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy Speech

CNN brings us the full video of yesterday’s speech on foreign policy by Donald Trump.

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Trump Speech to the Economic Club of Detroit

Here is the video of yesterday’s speech by Donald Trump to the Economic Club of Detroit. The speech begins at about 1:13:00 if you want to skip ahead and is a very good overall view of Trump’s policy plans should he be elected. I have also included a short excerpt from a similar speech that was given by JFK in New York that has some of the same themes.

UPDATE: The video has been updated to leave out the long first part in which nothing happens. Now it goes right to the introduction by Mike Pence and then straight to the Trump speech.

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Keep the Hyenas at Bay

Gates of Vienna brings us this post on the continuing immigrant crisis and notes that the most consistent resistance to the Muslim invasion of Europe is coming from the countries that were formally part of the communist bloc.

Frau Angela has an unexplained and unquenchable love for hyenas. One day she brings a dozen of these wild animals into her house. She takes care of them, feeding them and petting them. Some gripping and lovely selfies are taken. Then one day when Frau Angela leaves home, the hyenas feed upon her family members. Her kids, husband and of course dear Granny. Upon returning home and seeing the horror, Frau Angela grieves over them, but when the neighbors trying to make a point by asking her why she brought hyenas into the house, she heatedly responds. She is outraged that anybody should suggest any correlation between the tragic demise of her loved ones and the presence of the hyenas. Anybody who makes such connections is an inept and short-sighted a*****e. Therefore she seizes the opportunity to ask her neighbors: instead of engaging in useless and unnecessary niggling, they should also accept hyenas into their homes. From the terrible demise of her family only one conclusion can be drawn: they had not cared and loved the hyenas enough, so in this area more efforts are required.

This is the reality today in Europe.

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Feminism Attacks at All Levels

If you believe that Feminism isn’t a big part of the leftist attack on Western Culture you need to think again. Society today is awash in the Feminist attack on men and it’s only getting worse. This article at The American Thinker written by David Solway takes a look at some of the recent abuses perpetrated against men for the crime of being male.

The author shows that as men are pushed out of institutions of education and the professions those institutions begin to collapse, for it is men who build and maintain civilizations and women who benefit from the work that makes them possible. But in order to push the feminist agenda in these areas the standards must inevitably be lowered to give the appearance of equality of achievement where there is none. Note for example that while females now outnumber males at colleges and universities by a 60% to 40% ratio, it is still men who dominate in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This continuing fact is a bane to modern feminists but it is the result of biology and temperamental differences between the sexes that cannot be cured with stale ideology.

This war on men will continue as long as men allow it, but no longer than that for it is men who grant power to women. When men require that women be held to the same standards as themselves then feminism will be found to be the weak papier-mâché construction that it has always been.

Like our literary community and our judiciary, our schools are equally engaged in promoting the feminist agenda to the disadvantage of deserving — indeed, of all — male students. A typical instance occurred at a high school in a neighboring town, as a friend whose son has just graduated and who attended the graduation ceremony informed me. My friend reports that approximately 90 per cent of the innumerable awards were distributed to female students for various obscure achievements such as offering encouragement to classmates, displaying enthusiasm for the subject, showing aptitude for commitment or evincing general improvement, in short, for enriching the parietal atmosphere by their very presence. Many of these awards came with the caveat “in the opinion of the teachers.” Two girls, the school was proud to announce on its Twitter feed, excelled in the technologies — “Times Are Changin’” reads the accompanying comment. But the vast majority of these female laureates demonstrated their accomplishment in the mainly “soft” subjects — the Humanities, social sciences, dance classes, and the like, where marking typically involves a high degree of subjectivity and teacher preference often plays a role. Only a comparative handful of male students were honored, all of whom majored in the “hard” disciplines where objectivity rules — science, math — and received top grades.

It should be noted, too, that feminists would have been unable to advance their cause without the complicity of a professional echelon of corrupt and indoctrinated males, not an alpha among them. For a typical illustration of male-feminist brown-nosing, see Jeffrey Cohen, an obscure academic specializing in queer theory and eco-criticism, who saw his chance to jump on the feminist “bandwagon” by viciously maligning a far superior, anti-feminist scholar, the distinguished medievalist Allen Frantzen. According to Cohen, “we have far too little [feminism], rather than too much,” a conviction that signals a severe case of intellectual depletion. Naturally, he equates anti-feminism with rampant misogyny, an existential fallacy that is also an effective career move.

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Two More From Taki’s

Here are two more articles worth your time from Taki’s Magazine. The first is about Dinesh D’Souza’s new documentary concerning the Clinton’s money and influence machine. Everyone who is considering voting this November should take the time to see this film. You have no excuse complaining later if you don’t.

The second article has a bit of fun looking at the continuing hysterical reaction of the legacy media to the candidacy of Donald Trump and how it is just driving them crazy. Lots of fun for those of us who like to keep an eye on The Elite Media Monoculture.

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Race Realism and The World Without Western Civilization

This article from Taki’s Magazine reports on an interesting incident that occurred on MSLSD in which the hosts put forth the idea that this election will be the last stand for White People™ with the implication that getting rid of such individuals would be a giant leap forward for everyone else. Representative Steve King responded to this idea as follows:

This “old white people” business does get a little tired, Charlie. I’d ask you to go back through history and figure out, where are these contributions that have been made by these other categories of people that you’re talking about, where did any other subgroup of people contribute more to civilization?

It is a question that our politically correct masters don’t want to even hear anyone ask, let alone answer. The fact of the matter is that most of what we call civilization has been brought to us by people who are of European and American origin. There are some contributions that come from other parts of the world such as Asia, but by and large it is the West and it’s Caucasian population that brought us up from the cave to where we are now. The people trying to undermine Western Civilization don’t want to admit this.

If you were to note every manmade item within your field of vision, chances are that nearly every last gadget and trinket was invented by a white man. According to Charles Murray’s book Human Accomplishment, whites have historically dominated the fields of physics, math, chemistry, medicine, biology, and technology.

What’s grossly ironic is the specter of people using white computers hooked up to white electricity sent across white power grids to criticize the very white people who made their whining possible. Even worse is the ubiquity of white people pejoratively using the word “white people” as if it somehow doesn’t apply to them. That right there is a collective mental illness for the ages.

White technology has doubled lifespans across the globe and yanked several human subgroups out of the Stone Age. This makes certain white people feel guilty. It also apparently makes lots of nonwhite people resentful.

Those who wish to downplay or outright deny the vastness of white contributions to the world’s technological and civilizational development claim that to even dare giving credit where it’s due will immediately lead to millions of slaughtered nonwhites. That’s an insane leap of logic, but they keep on a-leapin’.

The left believes that to argue or admit this reality is a race crime. According to several online dictionaries the definition of racism is as follows:

The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.

A belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human racial groups determine cultural or individual achievement …

The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race…

Note that what is missing here is the older view that one must have hatred, antipathy or even ambivalence toward another race to qualify for the definition. Instead the term has now been redefined to mean that if you believe that different races are different for any reason, you must be a racist. It does not matter how you treat the people that you meet. If you are a fair and reasonable person to those you interact with you are still a racist if you think racial differences exist and are real as demonstrated by factual evidence.

This works to advance the leftist agenda of course, but it also runs against much recent scientific research in evolutionary biology and genetics that indicates that the old idea of racial equality is simply incorrect. And of course it ignores the facts of history that show who gave us civilization.

It is important to note that this is not a moral judgment but a scientific one based on factual evidence. But if you want to keep all of the things that make modern life what it is, you had better understand that you need to keep white people around so that they can keep things running.

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Daily Mail Convention Coverage

The Daily Mail brings us some behind the scenes coverage of the Democrat National Convention that you are not likely to see from the legacy media.

Blogger Hillbuzz also has some entertaining coverage here.

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WikiLeaks Links for Democrats

Just in case you want to look over the material that is now available on WikiLeaks pertaining to Hillary and the DNC emails you can find them here and here. Enjoy!

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Feminism and Western Civilization

Black Pigeon brings us this video presentation that pulls together many of the arguments that one can find in the manosphere showing the deleterious effect that leftist feminism has had, and continues to have on society. In short, feminism has been a destabilizing force that has eaten away at many of the cultural and social pillars that are needed to hold up Western Civilization. Take those pillars away and the society weakens from within. His prognosis is not optimistic in that he sees the process as irreversible.

But if it can be turned around, it will be because men in Western society re-claim their masculinity from those who have tried to bury it. It is critically important that Western men understand what has been done to them and why so that they will know that they should reject the feminist argument and the social disintegration that it brings. A part of the population already does understand this; it is vital that this knowledge be spread to as wide an audience as possible if this trend is to be stopped.

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The Left Kills More Cops

Breitbart is reporting yet another police shooting in Baton Rouge. Only days after the shootings of police officers in Dallas we have more out of control agitators targeting the police to advance the anti-white, anti-civilization agenda of Obama, Hillary and the left.

This is the chaos and violence that Obama, Hillary and the left wanted to bring to this country and we will see no end of it as long as they are in power. It should go without saying that they want this because it serves their narrative and purpose. They will try to convince regular Americans that we are the problem and that all of this is our fault. They need us to feel a phony guilt for the actions that they are pushing on us so that we will accept their solution, which is to keep them in power. They want to treat us as disobedient children who have caused this, and who need their guidance to keep our worst behavior under control; their control.

But you don’t have to buy into this vile lie; for a lie it is. The left’s lust for power is always purchased with lies. This violence belongs only to them, is caused only by them, is cheered on only by them and is funded only by them. As Americans we can reject their foul plans by rejecting their moral claims. It is they who are evil and corrupt. Vote the scum out in November and keep them away from the levers of power so that they cannot harm you or your families any longer. Reject them and shun them as they so richly deserve. Stand up for the America that we know is real, not the phony one they want you to believe in.

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