The Left’s Lies and “Fake News”

The Left is clearly not taking their defeat in the recent election well and are grasping at any straw to defend their position and rationalize away the rejection that was given to them at the hands of the American voter. They will not, and indeed cannot, exercise the kind of self-reflection that would be required to come to terms with the eight years of failure of the Obama administration and the role their ideas played in it. Nor do they want to admit that American voters looked at the results of their policy and voted to dump it in the trash heap of history and go in a radically different direction that puts the country back on a more traditional path to economic prosperity and national greatness.

When we consider just how far out of power and relevance the left has fallen over the last four election cycles it becomes clear that they have no hope of returning to their previous position of authority without the ability to change the narrative. And changing the narrative is critical because voters now have such a negative view of the establishment ruling class and their failure that no amount of shaming during the recent election could dissuade the American people from making the change that they did. The experience of the last two decades has been slow to sink in, but there is now a widespread understanding that things have gone badly off the rails and that an independent change agent in the form of Donald Trump is necessary to get things back to normal again.

But the left cannot accept this. And so we see this elite-wide attempt to silence their critics in alternative media, or at least to marginalize them with the label “Fake News” as if simply calling it such a name would make it so. The left controls The Elite Media Monoculture, as I like to call them, but that is no longer enough to win elections or persuade the public. Many people have tuned them out and do not take them seriously any longer. This creates a major problem for the left since the public is now getting much of their information from the more intellectually diverse and wide-ranging medium of the internet.

And attacking the internet is likely to fail as well. There are simply too many voices on the net to focus on. Unlike legacy media, which is represented by perhaps a dozen outlets, alternative media number in the millions. And with that kind of dispersion, there is no way to make them into a single target. Fighting against alternative media is a bit like trying to fight off a swarm of angry bees. You may get some of them, but you’re still going to get stung.

And speaking of fake news, let’s remember that its real home is, and always has been, in the legacy media. And because we now have access to the medium of the internet, we can enjoy the many examples of Legacy Media providing us with Fake News so that we never forget who the real liars are.

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