GOP Eliminating Tea Party Seats Through Redistricting

Do you think that the Republican establishment is on your side? Think again because the GOP machine is trying to get rid of Tea Party districts. These people want conservatives to lose so bad that they are willing to give districts over to Democrats.

Party’s Over

By Cameron Joseph
Friday, April 22, 2011 | 6:00 a.m.

Rep. Jeffrey Landry, R-La., a tea party favorite, beat a former state House speaker in the primary last year en route to winning his seat in Congress. Now, state legislators in the party establishment have exacted their revenge: When it came time to eliminate one of Louisiana’s congressional seats—required under this year’s reapportionment—they picked Landry’s. And they drew the map to fracture his base among multiple districts, ensuring that veteran Rep. Charles Boustany, R-La., would have an edge should Landry make good on his threat to challenge him in a primary. “Landry did about as bad as he can do” in the new map, John Maginnis, a state politics expert and the editor of LaPolitics Weekly, said. “He lost almost everything but his home.”

It’s critically important to see just what this means.

We have seen evidence that the GOP leadership is liberal going back some time now. The amnesty fight during the Bush administration; the expansion of government and the establishment of new entitlement programs such as the prescription drug benefit under Bush. The abandonment of candidates during the last election such as Joe Miller and Christine O’Donnell; the whole business regarding Dede Scozzafava. The push to get Boehner as House speaker and to shut out tea party candidates from leadership positions. And on and on.

The evidence is clear. The Washington establishment is LIBERAL. It does not matter whether the letter that comes after the name is an “R” or a “D”. And they are not just indifferent to conservatives; they are actively hostile regardless of what party they belong to.

In order to take the country back, we are going to have to defeat not just the Democrats, but our own liberal GOP leadership as well.

The fight is going to be “the establishment” against all the rest of us.

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