Democrat Harrasment List

Thomas Lifson at the American Thinker has been keeping track of all of the various individual allegations of harassment that have been reported in the news and it has grown to be quite long. Yes, there are a few on the list from the right, but it is stunning how the overwhelming number of incidents involve those self-righteous, smug preachy members of the left who are constantly telling us just how superior they are and why we should look to them for moral guidance. I am guessing that some people may be less inclined to follow that advice after this.

The excerpt from the list reproduced below is just a taste. For the full list follow the link.

So, the longest-serving member of the House of Representatives, John Conyers, only partially functional owing to advanced age, is stepping down from his safe seat in Detroit, and the junior Senator from Minnesota announced on the floor of the Senate — reading from a script — he will leave his seat in the vague future, while not admitting anything and attacking his opponents. The Democrat Governor of Minnesota will appoint a Democrat to keep the seat safely in party hands if Franken follows through, though astute observers like Rush Limbaugh and Steven Hayward speculate that Franken will renege should Roy Moore be seated in the Senate following next week’s special election in Alabama.

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