A Symposium on Global Demographics and the Future of Whites

American Renaissance recently asked a number of different scholars about the current global demographic trends and where they appear to be headed.

The overall consensus is that over the next century we will see a population explosion coming out of the continent of Africa combined with a corresponding decline in the populations of the Anglo-sphere that would have profound effects on the rest of the world. Anyone who has taken a close look at economics or history would observe that most of the economic, technological and cultural development of the last several centuries have had their origins in Europe, America and to a lesser extent in East Asia. There has not and never has been any significant development coming from Africa or the Middle East that did not have the assistance of the West behind it.

And so to look to the future and to see a massive increase in the population of poor and uneducated Africa is to see a vast decline in the future fortunes of civilization. The West simply does not have the ability to absorb or to support the numbers of people that Africa is going to produce in the coming century. But that is where we appear to be headed.

Part One Commentary by Dan Rootd
Part Two Commentary by F. Roger Devlin
Part Three Commentary by Jared Taylor
Part Four Commentary by Hubert Collins
Part Five Commentary by Gregory Hood
Part Six Commentary by Micheal Walker
Part Seven Commentary by Guillaume Durocher

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