Crime Stats Infographic

One thing you can always count on is the self-delusion of the left. In a recent conversation with a white liberal chick, I heard the standard pleas for the understanding we should feel for the oppressed group Black Lives Matter (more than yours.) But those who have bothered to do a bit of homework, know that BLM is a Marxist terrorist organization devoted to killing cops and white people as often as they can get away with it.

Discover the Networks has a good rundown on the group that brings to light all of the sordid details. The reality is that they are just another of the many anti-American left-wing hate groups that the left is so good at creating. And given the reality of crime statistics in this country, it should be no surprise that most sane people don’t want to give them the time of day. So if you are concerned about how your particular group is perceived by the general public, you might want to start with the behavior that is causing people to think ill of you and to shun you when they can.

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