Sweden: From ABBA to Allah

Gates of Vienna has a great article about the decline of Sweden due to out of control mass immigration of people from countries that have no connection to Western civilization or values. What is happening in Europe is nothing less than an invasion. The political elites may call it by other names like “tolerance” and “diversity,” but it means the end of the West if it is not reversed and soon.

My mom is Swedish but she doesn’t look like these people.

In the 1970s Sweden was a stable and wealthy country that was admired by many outsiders. It had international pop artists such as ABBA, sports stars like Björn Borg and Ingemar Stenmark as well as Volvo cars. Some outsiders still maintain this rosy image. In 2016, Sweden was still ranked as the world’s “ goodest “ country.[1]

Unfortunately, being “good” in the Western world today seems to mean being suicidal.

In just two generations, Sweden has become an increasingly dysfunctional and crime-ridden country. The main cause of this negative transformation is non-European mass immigration.

I have been chronicling Sweden’s decline for many years. My reports were falsely dismissed as fantasies made by an alleged “right-wing extremist.” This denial is no longer possible.

Many alternative media and independent websites are now describing these issues. Major media in Britain, Germany, the USA and even in Russia have also finally discovered Sweden’s Multicultural problems. This is causing huge embarrassment to the ruling elites in Sweden. They are used to being admired. They are not accustomed to international ridicule or being viewed as an example of what not to do.

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