Leftists Manufacturing Fake Dissent

The Daily Caller’s Peter Hasson brings us this article that reveals the left organizing in secret to give the false impression that Republican voters are going to town halls to protest the agenda of the Trump administration. But like everything the left does, this is a lie. Leaked audio demonstrates that the opposition to repealing Obama-care that is showing up to town halls held by Republicans, in particular, is clearly manufactured and not spontaneous or organic in any way. These are leftist trolls trying to give a false impression of dissatisfaction on the part of rank and file Republicans, but it is phony through and through.

Leaked audio from an anti-Trump protest group meeting reveals activists with anti-Trump group Indivisible plotting how to best manufacture a hostile environment at a town hall with Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana on Friday.

The audio, obtained by local radio station KPEL, reveals a coordinated effort to create the public impression that Cassidy’s support for Trump is unpopular with his constituents. The activists, who describe themselves as liberals in the audio, can be heard strategizing how to best turn a local town hall into a political victory.

The activists split up into an “inside team” — tasked with occupying “as many seats as we can” and an “outside team,” whose job was to “give [the media] the coverage they want” before joining the others inside. Activists were instructed to dress like conservatives and leave at home “any signifier that you’re a liberal” in order to blend in with constituents.

The leftist activists strategized how best to “dominate” the question-and-answer section of the town hall and keep anyone “sympathetic” to Cassidy from asking a question.

The audio also reveals the activists laughing about “the poor people of Breaux Bridge” — local constituents — who might get stuck behind them. Local news coverage of the town hall said that “many attendees were turned away” from the town hall due to “capacity restrictions.”

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