Welcome to The Red Moon Journal.

This is, of course, my little corner of the Internet where we discuss politics, economics, culture and anything else that isn’t nailed down and happens to be of interest to me. With the advent of alternative media we can now go around The Elite Media Monoculture. A media establishment that has become worse than useless in the battle to defend everything that makes this a great country and a great people.

Since the elites refuse to stand up for this country, and in fact are hostile to what it stands for, the rest of us must take up the challenge. And that is just what we are doing, each in our own small way.

I am a graphic artist living and working in my home town of Chicago. I grew up here and went to school here. I am an independent conservative using my talents and abilities, like so many others, to try to save this country and to get it back on the right path again so that it can be the beacon of freedom and prosperity to the world that is it’s rightful place and purpose.