John Derbyshire vs. The National Review

It seems that John Derbyshire has stirred up a hornet’s nest with one of his recent articles that you can find at This article, titled “The Talk: Nonblack Version” is a response to similar articles by a number of authors that have come out in response to the Trayvon Martin incident. In these articles, black parents warn their children about the evils of White Racism that can be found, it seems, throughout every corner of White Amerika. One can’t go anywhere without the danger of a lynch mob following you I guess. Or at least that’s the perception in certain quarters of black America. And it’s a perception that serves a variety of useful political agendas, particularly those on the left. Derbyshire’s article is a response that is causing some discomfort in conservative circles, as well as on the left, because of it’s frank discussion of a topic that we all understand, but which political correctness prevents us from discussing most of the time. The great benefit of the Internet is that we finally can discuss it.

Of course, that there should be good reason to question the conventional wisdom is not something that liberal media will discuss. Nor will they willingly allow discussion that might lead to a questioning of the view that there are no differences between blacks and whites in areas like criminal activity, violence, drug use and other self-destructive behavior that might cause reasonable people to act in ways that liberals condemn as racist. At least, those in the elite classes can never be allowed to have such a discussion.

Personally I now prefer the term Phenocentric, which should be derived from the term Phenotype. I think this use of the term is more scientifically accurate as it refers to a combination of both genetic and environmental factors that dictate the observable characteristics of an individual. In other words, it is based on observed behavior.

I think that with this latest incident and the evidence seeming to swing in favor of Mr. Zimmerman, many people are starting to question the conventional wisdom that liberals do not want questioned. By making this the latest cause celebre, I think that the left has miscalculated. Some people are starting to ask themselves whether the liberal agenda in this regard might need some updating. After all, we have had decades of affirmative action, welfare and other programs predicated on the idea that the problems, such as do exist, are environmental, and that with the right inputs all those problems will be solved. That they have not been solved, and in fact have gotten much worse over the last 50 years or so is an issue in need of explanation.

In any case, I have been doing a lot of thinking about this problem lately. It’s not really a surprise. Since the election of The Obama-Fuhrer, there has been a concerted effort on the part of the administration and the elites to create as much division in the country as they can, in the hope that it will give Obama a chance at re-election. Divide and conquer. But I don’t think that it is working. Rather, people are noticing that the President, the political class and the elites are trying to stir up hate against the majority population. And it is having the unintended effect of causing people to ask some politically incorrect questions that those elites don’t want to answer. Because in the end, the evidence is not on their side, and they know it even if they will never admit it. And when people come to that realization, the consequences for the entire society could be dramatic.

For what would happen if people came to the view that all of the efforts to artificially engineer society for the benefit of minorities has been a wasted effort? Would there be any reason to continue? Or would we be likely to put in place what Murry and Herrnstein called “The Custodial State” in which we acknowledge that there is a certain portion of the population that can never hope to rise in an increasingly technological society that requires a minimum level of intelligence to function? And that those people would have to be maintained, but at a level that would never see any improvement and would be highly controlled, so that the rest of us could go about our daily business. It is a question that as yet has no answer, but is being asked more and more I suspect.

The left most certainly doesn’t want this dicussed. After all, social engineering is the heart of the leftist agenda.

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