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So here is what passes for entertainment in our modern age. I reproduce the email that showed up in my inbox as you see below. Can you imagine what entertainers of the past would have thought of this kind of thing? Would they have thought that we had lost our collective minds? There is no way that normal people could possibly find this sort of thing desirable. Popular Culture used to be the Marx Brothers, Miles Davis and Marylin Monroe. Now it’s this.

A Chicago premiere by renowned playwright, actor, singer-songwriter and performance artist Taylor Mac.

Now playing at the Tony-Award winning Steppenwolf Theatre, a uproarious, subversive black comedy Hir, which placed on the top ten theater of 2015 lists of The New York Times, New York Magazine and Time Out NY

$30 tickets to shows June 29 – July 5
No code necessary

The classic dysfunctional family drama has just crashed through into a wholly original place. Meet Paige, a wife and mother liberated from an oppressive and abusive marriage; Max, her newly out transgender teen; and Isaac, Max’s PTSD-addled older brother, who discovers a brand new war zone when he comes home from Afghanistan. Hir’s crusade to shake up the patriarchy is disarmingly funny, absurd and surprising as it looks at an American family forced to build a new world out of the pieces of the old.

Steppenwolf offers easy parking, a new café/bar for a pre-or post-show snack or cocktail, and post-show discussions follow every performance.

Want to know more about Hir?

Check out this interview with playwright Taylor Mac

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