Evolutionary Sex Differences and the Left’s Fake Science

Common wisdom and conventional thinking is quick to assume that Democrats, and the left in general, own the monopoly on science and scientific thinking. But if we take a closer look we find that assumption to be incorrect. Indeed what we discover when looking at the left’s agenda is that they argue in favor of supposedly scientific theories that have little or no actual basis in fact, or at the very least are the subject of ongoing, and therefore, unsettled scientific debate.

This article on Breitbart takes a closer look at the leftist assumption of absolute equality between the sexes and new research coming out of Stanford University that shows many ingrained cognitive sex differences that are likely the product of many thousands of years of Darwinian evolution. These findings directly contradict the “blank slate” assumptions that underlie so many components of the leftist agenda including in this particular case, Feminism.

Leftists must argue that humans are infinitely malleable in order to propose their various schemes to socially engineer society. Schemes that can only be put into action if it is possible to change human action and the human nature from which it derives. But if many, or most, human characteristics are genetically hard-wired in humans, then it logically follows that our ability to change society is necessarily limited. And that would include the distinct characteristics of men and women and the relationship between the two.

Progressives have been somewhat successful in convincing the public that the Democratic Party is the party of science. But research into sex-based cognitive differences seriously brings this into question by confirming that the human mind does, in fact, have static and innate properties that influence behavior.

Consider Harvard professor Steven Pinker’s 2002 book, The Blank Slate. Pinker, who is politically moderate, argues that the denial of innate human instincts runs deep and pervasive in modern society, despite significant scientific [evidence] that the mind has static properties that shape our behaviors. The mind isn’t a blank slate waiting to be shaped by society, Pinker argues.

The denial of human nature has spread beyond the academy and has led to a disconnect between intellectual life and common sense. I first had the idea of writing this book when I started a collection of astonishing claims from pundits and social critics about the malleability of the human psyche: that little boys quarrel and fight because they are encouraged to do so; that children enjoy sweets because their parents use them as a reward for eating vegetables; that teenagers get the idea to compete in looks and fashion from spelling bees and academic prizes; that men think the goal of sex is an orgasm because of the way they were socialized. The problem is not just that these claims are preposterous but that the writers did not acknowledge they were saying things that common sense might call into question. This is the mentality of a cult, in which fantastical beliefs are flaunted as proof of one’s piety.

Rollo Tomassi has an excellent post on Evolutionary Psychology which you can find here which takes on many of the objections that are common when debating this subject. And of course I highly recommend AC’s book on The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics. We are not blank slates; not by a long shot. And the leftist agenda cannot be made to succeed because humans simply do not work the way the left wants them to.

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