Obama’s Shadow Government vs. Trump (and Us)

On Rush’s show this week he covered two articles on the subject of the Shadow Government/Deep State vs. President Trump, and by extension their war against us, the regular Americans who voted for Trump and the changes in policy that he promised to bring about. The first article is by Michael Walsh and the second is by Victor Davis Hanson. Let’s first take a look at what Rush has to say about this subject, and I recommend that everyone who is on the right needs to really understand just what we are up against.

And by the way, these people don’t want to allow the election to succeed. They want to subvert and stop us, the American people from being able to change the direction of the country and get it back on track. The K street lobbyists, the permanent bureaucrats, the Obama appointees and all of the other detritus that makes up the Masters of the Universe™ who think they are better than us, superior to us and who have nothing but contempt for us are working 24/7 to undermine the will of the people. That’s you and me; regular Americans who have had enough.

The title of Michael Walsh’s piece at PJ Media — and his stuff as appeared at National Review; it’s appeared at the New York Post, any number of places — is “Enough with This ‘Spy Game‘” And his thrust here is on the intel community and who, what, where, why regarding Trump. “With the resignation of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn in the face of a howling media mob, the knives are now out not only for other administration officials, but for President Trump himself. Make no mistake about what’s happening here.”

His piece is headlined, by the way, “The Empire Strikes Back.” That’s the actual title of his piece. “Make no mistake about what’s happening here: This is a rolling coup attempt, organized by elements of the intelligence community, particularly CIA and NSA, abetted by Obama-era holdovers in the understaffed Justice Department (Sally Yates, take a bow) and the lickspittles of the leftist media, all of whom have signed on with the ‘Resistance’ in order to overturn the results of the November election.” Walsh, I think, is a spook, former spook, in addition to everything else he is.

So right up front he’s admitting that this is “a rolling coup” made up of various players here in order to overturn the results of the November election. He goes on to talk about Mike Flynn as “a good man who saw the enemy clearly, and had the courage to name it, saw Russia not as an enemy but a geopolitical adversary with whom we could make common cause against Islam…” That upsets the apple cart in the intelligence community who want Russia designated as an enemy with whom we have nothing in common.

“As for the media, having previously failed to take down Trump aides Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway, Flynn was the next best thing; their joy today is unbounded” at getting his scalp. “Is this what you thought you voted for in November? Is this how you thought American democracy worked? Is this the country you want to live in? Welcome to the Deep State, the democracy-sapping embeds at the heart of our democracy who have not taken the expulsion of the Permanent Bipartisan Fusion Party lightly.”

Rush then goes on to highlight the article from venerable historian Victor David Hanson.

Now to Victor Davis Hanson. And I’m picking this up at the conclusion where he details current circumstances and the reasons why all this is happening. Under the subhead: “What has the often boisterous Trump done in his first month to earn calls for his death, forced removal, or resignation?”

And, by the way, on the reference here to his death, Mr. Hanson cites the three or four published articles on how to assassinate Trump, the beauty of assassinating Trump, the necessity to assassinate Trump, and the morality of doing it. Documents it. Quotes the people saying so. Quotes others with their own ideas for forced removal or making Trump resign. So after documenting all of what Walsh has just pointed out here, what’s Trump done to earn all this?

Well, first let’s look at current circumstances. “The stock market is reaching all-time highs. Polls show business optimism rising. The Rasmussen poll puts Trump’s approval rating at 55 percent. Compared with Obama in 2009, at the same point in his young administration, Trump has issued about the same number of executive orders.

“For all his war on the press, Trump has so far not ordered wiretaps on any reporter on the grounds that he is a criminal co-conspirator,” as he did James Rosen at Fox News, “nor has he gone after the phone records of the Associated Press,” as Obama’s Justice Department did. To little notice, people in the media. They didn’t care that James Rosen was wiretapped; he’s at Fox. And gone after the phone records of the AP, the AP said, “Well, he must need ’em, he’s Obama.”

“Trump’s edicts are mostly common-sense and non-controversial: green-lighting the Keystone and Dakota pipelines, freezing federal hiring, resuming work on a previously approved wall along the Mexican border, prohibiting retiring federal officials from lobbying activity for five years, and pruning away regulations.” All these things he said he was gonna do.

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